Photoartist Katia Golitsyna
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Was born in 1964.
Graduated from Moscow Polygraphic Institute (Book Graphics Department).
Has been participating in domestic and international photo exhibitions since 1990.
The member of the Photoartist's Union of Russia since the year 1992.
Lives and works in Moscow, Russia.
Makes the pictures using know-how "hand-made" technique (photo-drawing).
The pictures are in many galleries and private collections in Russia, Belgium, England, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, USA.

Main Exhibitions:

2008 “Photobiennale - 2008” "Mirror" Photocenter. Moscow

2008 "Cafe des artistes". Moscow

2007 “Fashion and Style in Photography”.Zurab Tsereteli Art Gallery. Moscow

2006 “The Nature of Lines. Moscow Architectural Art Nouveau”. Solo Exhibition. The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow

2006 “ArtMoscow”. Stand of the pARTner Gallery, Central House of Artists, Moscow

2006 “Abraksas”. Joint exhibition with À. Manovtseva. In the framework of the Photobiennale – 2006. Photocentre, Moscow

2006 “Coffee mood”. Solo Exhibition. Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow

2004 “Flasks, Lace, Silks…”. Solo Exhibition. Exhibition Hall of the “Our Heritage” Magazine, Moscow

2004 “Art-Paris”. Paris

2004 “Art-Manege”. Moscow

2004 “Moscow, the dearest old lady…”. Solo Exhibition. State Pushkin Museum, Moscow

2004 “Moscow in Photographs. Russian Photography from the period 1920 to 2000”. Municipal Museum, Innsbruck, Germany

2003 “Portrait of a Harley-Davidson”. Solo Exhibition. “Lumiere Brothers” Photo Gallery, Moscow

2003 “Moscow in Soviet and Russian Photography”. Columbian University, New York, USA

2003 “Fashion and Style in Photography”. Moscow Passage, Moscow

2003 “Portrait of the Poet. Evelina Schatz”. State Literature Museum, Moscow

2003 “More than Tender”. Joint exhibition with À. Manovtseva. “Fine Art” Gallery, Moscow

2002 “The Nature of Things”. Solo Exhibition. Lozona, Switzerland

2002 “Side Street”. Solo Exhibition. Moscow House of Photography, Moscow

2002 “Propagandist and Romantic”. Contemporary Russian photography. Allen Priebe Gallery, Wisconsin, USA

2002 “Photobiennale”. Venice, Italy

2002 “Photobiennale - 2002”. Manege, Moscow

2001 “Exhibition of Jazz Photography”. Editor’s office of “Izvestia” newspaper, Moscow

2001 “The Third Day of the Third Moon. Girls’ Feast-Day”. Joint Exhibition with E. Rozhkova and E. Shatz. “Manege” Gallery, Moscow

2001 “Portrait of a Saxophone” Solo Exhibition. “Photounion” Gallery, Moscow

2001 “What makes people live”. Joint Exhibition with B. Diodorov. The Lev Tolstoy Museum, Moscow

2000 “Mohicans of the Roads”. Joint Exhibition with S. Burasovskiy. The Moscow Centre of Arts, Moscow

2000 “Territory of Citro¸n”. Solo Exhibition. “New Collection” Gallery, Moscow

2000 “Parisian Cafe”. Solo exhibition within the framework of an exhibition of painting and graphics from the period of 1900-1930. Moscow Centre of Arts, Moscow

2000 “The 5th Shanghai International Photoforum”. Shanghai, China

1999 Group exhibitions: “Club France”; Moscow Centre of Arts; “Art-Manege”, Moscow

1998 “Photobiennale - 98”. “Manege”, Moscow

1998 “About the Life of the Living”. Joint Exhibition with V. Kolganova. “ROSIZO” Gallery, Moscow

1997 “Moscow. Muscovites”. Joint Exhibition with B. Zhutovskiy. “Moscow Palette” Gallery, Moscow

1997 “Photofestival in Celebration of the 850th Anniversary of Moscow”. “Manege”, Moscow

1996 “Month of Photography”. Paris, France

1996 “Photobiennale - 96”. Solo Exhibition. Central House of Architects, Moscow

1996 Solo Exhibition. Exhibition Hall of “Our Heritage” Magazine, Moscow

1995 Exhibition tour in France and Germany (group exhibitions)

1994 “Russian Photographers in Paris”. Paris, France

1994 “The Art of Photography”. Central House of Artists, Moscow

1993 Joint Exhibition with E. Gabrielev. “Art-Modern” Gallery, Moscow

1993 “The 1st International Photofestival”. Photocentre, Moscow

1992 “Young Talents”. (1st prize). Photocentre, Moscow

1990 “Winter Vernissage”. Photocentre, Moscow


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